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Welcome at the website from Jan Lamers, Roermond in the Netherland. Branche from Koen Minderhoud.

 Click here for an article about Koen

Season 2015 has come to an end. Jan has shown us that he still is one of the bigger pigeonplayers of the Netherlands. Check out his results of this year!

Let the year 2016 be a very HEALTHY year!

Jan Lamers and Koen Minderhoud

Since many years is Jan Lamers a name which is hard to erase out of our memories because it is so often shown at pricelists, teletext and on the internet. With his pigeons he can be called one of the great names in the pigeonworld.

Take a look around at the refreshed website and be surprised by his beautiful pigeons.
If you get interested or inspired or just curios and want to ask questions? That is possible! You can always send an e-mail to Jan.
(FYI > These e-mails go trough the webmaster because Jan his english isn’t very well. She will send them wit a translation as soon as possible to Jan)