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Who am I?

Jan takes a look outside of his loft.

Jan Lamers is mostly known for his great successes on the Big Fond with pigeons from, a.o. Koen Minderhoud. In 1997 Jan decided to get 80% of his pigeons at Koen’s place after his own pigeons died because of an unknown virus.

In the meantime Jan has proven to be a fancier which you can hardly  miss. After winning the Championship in Samenspel de Roerstreek and more then regular C-fax results several times we can say that Jan is one of the big ones from Section Limburg in the Netherlands.

Jan has to admit that his wife Joke played a big part in where he is standing now. It was Joke who knew to motivate him and make sure that he didn’t stop with his beloved pigeons in 1997. The fact that so many pigeons died of the unknown virus took away the joy in playing with the pigeons. Thanks Joke for making sure he didn’t quit!

Jan isn’t the only ‘Lamers’ who got infected with the beautiful pigeonvirus. His brothers Thei en Jos and his dad Sef are also wellknown fanciers in Roermond. You can call the family Lamers a real Pigeonfamily!

Jan plays with his pigeons in Samenspel the Roerstreek. This play exists from 7 clubs who were stationaried in Roermond, Montfort, Herkenbosch, Melick, Posterholt, Diergaarde and Koningsbosch. These places are all in the south of the Netherlands, region Limburg.